Via Teatro Greco 42. (Open Map)


Situated just to the west of the theatre and also in volcanic stone is the odéon [odeum, a small auditorium similar in plan to the theatre and designed to host musical and oratorical performances]. 

It was erected after the larger building, but the chronology, sometime between the second and third century AD, cannot presently be identified precisely. 

While the stage and its rear wall are partially covered by modern structures, the cavea is fully visible and is divided into two parts: the lower part consists of three wedges, with eleven rows of seats and four stairways; the upper section, however, is in a bad state of repair and rests on a radial arrangement of walls. 

The function of the seventeen rooms formed by these walls is not clear, but they were reached by a series of arched openings in the façade. The orchestra was paved in marble and the building's ornament hinged on the contrast between lava (the basic building material) and the marble decoration.