Civic Museum At Ursino Castle

Piazza Federico di Svevia 1. (Open Map)


Inaugurated in 1934 inside this superb fortress built between 1239 and 1250 by the architect Riccardo da Lentini and wanted by Frederick II of Swabia. At first it contained the private collections of the citizens of Catania, in particular the eighteenth-century collections of the Prince of Biscari and of the Benedectines. The important artistic patrimony includes archeological findings, bronze and ivory objects, vases, vestments, precious artifacts of the XVI century (tarots, etc.), engravings, prints, works of art of the Medieval age and of the Renaissance; numerous ornament objects made of bronze and iron and a worthy picture-gallery which includes works by Pietro Novelli and Beato Angelico. Access facilities for disabled people are available.