Nicolosi: Mount Etna with Cable Car, 4x4, and Trek Excursion

USD 54



Experience the thrill of a guided adventure on Mount Etna, where you'll soar to new heights via cable car and 4x4 vehicle (optional). Once you've reached the lofty altitude of 3,000 meters, lace up your hiking boots and continue on foot to explore the rugged terrain. Get up close and personal with the mountain's fiery past as you marvel at recent lava flows and venture into the heart of a mesmerizing lava channel.

If reaching the summit craters isn't a viable option, consider the thrilling 3,000m Etna excursion as a fantastic alternative. We'll begin by taking a cable car ride up to 2,500 meters, followed by a 4x4 journey to 2,800 meters. From this point, we'll embark on a hike to 3,000 meters, where you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the summit craters. Our journey will continue to a lateral crater, known as Barbagallo, situated at approximately 3,000 meters. Be amazed by the recent lava flows, dated back to December 1, 2023, as we venture into the heart of a lava channel. We'll also visit an effusive vent, which erupted in 2002, and descend along the sandbanks to the mound. From this vantage point, take in the stunning panorama of the Bove Valley, which stretches from the Ionian Riviera to the Sicilian interior on clear days. This 4-hour hike, which is part of a 5-hour tour, promises to be an unforgettable experience. Choose from two departure times, 9:30 or 10:30, with a meeting time 45 minutes prior to departure. For those arriving by bus AST from Catania, the 10:30 departure is a convenient option. Meet us at Shelter Alpine Guides Etna Sud, adjacent to the Refuge Sapienza.