Catania: Valley of the Temples & Piazza Armerina with Snack

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Ditch the driving woes and parking headaches with our luxurious sedan or van transfer service, perfectly designed to whisk you away to the breathtaking Valley of The Temples and Villa Romana del Casale. Immerse yourself in the rich Greek heritage and marvel at the stunning Roman mosaics, a true masterpiece of ancient artistry.

Embark on a thrilling journey to Sicily's southern coast, where you'll uncover the rich history, captivating culture, and breathtaking art that defines this enchanting island. Your comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle will transport you to two of Sicily's most treasured sites: the Valley of the Temples and Villa Romana del Casale. Your adventure begins at the Valley of the Temples, a majestic archaeological site and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient Greek settlement, praised by the renowned Greek poet Pindar as "one of the most beautiful cities of mortals," boasts an impressive seven remarkably preserved temples dedicated to various gods, including Juno, Hercules, Hephaestus, and Athena. As you wander through this magnificent site, you'll delve into Sicily's vast Greek heritage, uncovering the island's fascinating history and cultural significance. Following your unforgettable exploration of the Valley of the Temples, savor a delectable Sicilian brunch, featuring an array of mouthwatering street food, refreshing water, and fine wine. Reinvigorated, you'll continue your journey to Piazza Armerina, nestled in the heart of Sicily. Here, you'll discover the opulent Villa Romana del Casale, an impressive imperial villa once owned by a powerful Roman family. Be mesmerized by the exquisite, world-renowned Roman mosaics, which remain remarkably well-preserved in their original location.