Catania: Spritz and Sunset Sailing Tour

USD 75



Embark on a serene sailing adventure and experience the breathtaking beauty of Sicily from a unique perspective. As the sun sets over the horizon, join a tranquil sunset cruise departing from Catania and indulge in refreshing drinks and tasty snacks on board. Let the gentle sea breeze and stunning vistas of the Sicilian coast create an unforgettable memory of your travels.

Embark on a thrilling sailing adventure along the legendary route of Ulysses, uncovering the hidden gems of Sicily's stunning coastline, starting from Catania. This relaxing sail tour offers a unique chance to delve into the marine world of Catania, spotting dolphins, trying your hand at fishing, snorkeling, or even taking your first sailing lessons. As you cruise along the picturesque Sicilian coast, you'll have the opportunity to behold Catania from a new perspective, exploring the enchanting landscapes that lie hidden from view. Your sailing tour will take you through the breathtaking Ulysses' Grotte and the majestic Castle of Aci Castello, a truly unforgettable experience. As you soak up the sun and scenery, be sure to indulge in your preferred drinks, including the classic Italian Aperol Spritz, accompanied by a delicious selection of traditional snacks and appetizers.